Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The New Guy

Hello all, my name is Zach Hinman and I’m the new AmeriCorps member here at the Cascadia Conservation District. Those who came before me and have posted wonderful blogs since 2011 all introduced themselves with their very first post. Carrying on tradition, I’d like to share a bit about myself. I’d also like to give you an idea of my role within the Cascadia Conservation District this year.

I graduated from the University of Idaho in 2010 and have since held a variety of positions from teacher, to river guide to blueberry picker. When I’m not fulfilling the duties of any given title, I’m often on, in or near rivers. I’m a white water enthusiast, avid fly fisherman and a lackadaisical hiker and biker. I grew up not too far from here in Bend, OR. While it’s easy to appreciate the similarities between my hometown and Wenatchee, I’m looking forward to discovering the unique features the valley has to offer.

My position here at Cascadia is not dissimilar from the position I held last year as environmental educator at the Franklin Conservation District in Pasco, WA. Like last year, for the first several months of my stint here I’ll spend the majority of my time teaching Water on Wheels in elementary school classrooms. Water on Wheels is a hands on science program focusing on the importance of watersheds, soil and water.  In 2015 my duties here will change. I’m looking forward to this part of my service term where I’ll begin assisting the conservation district with their annual projects.

I’m excited about my new position here in Wenatchee and I look forward to exploring North Central Washington. I’ll do my best to keep you all posted on conservation district news and events in an exciting and relevant way. I encourage everyone to leave questions, comments and concerns.

As a final thought I’d like to remind everyone of the forthcoming due date for our Picture the Wenatchee photo contest. Those excellent photos you've all been taking in the Wenatchee River Watershed this year can be submitted from now until October 1st. 12 winning photos will be used in our 2015 calendar. You can find details and make submissions at picturethewenatchee.com.

P.S. The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival will take place this weekend, September 18-20th, at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery. There will be art, food, games and more. Find our booth for an interactive watershed model!