Friday, July 12, 2013

Farewell Washington

This is what happens on your last day when you play
practical jokes on your co-workers all year.
About a year ago, I was standing outside my apartment in Birmingham Alabama, trying to cram everything I could into my tiny car. I would soon be on my way to Wenatchee, a small city in Washington which I really didn’t know much about but was excited to see. I had joined AmeriCorps and had been placed at Cascadia Conservation District to serve a ten and a half month term. As I drove across the country I wondered what my year would be like. Would I like my co-workers? Would I have to buy snow tires for my car? Is there really a 14,000 foot mountain, a rainforest, and a desert in a single state? My questions would all be answered soon as I began my new adventure.
Today, 12 months later, is my last day here at Cascadia. My temporary term of service with Intermountain AmeriCorps will officially end on Monday which means it’s time to say goodbye to you readers. I’ve enjoyed my time tremendously here and am grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I’ve had. I’ll miss Washington and all the people I’ve met here, but it’s time for a new journey.

In a few weeks I’ll once again be engaged in a game of Tetris with my things and my car, preparing for another long road trip. I’ll be spending the next year in Anchorage Alaska, relishing in the new scenery and hoping to not be eaten by a bear.

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